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    At our next meeting there will be several items donated to the club by Paul “Coot” Williams. Coot is a retired Fireman that designed several fishing item, lures, planerboard lites, Mag-net-go and a line of telescoping 8’ & 8’6” trolling Rods that are priced at $50 & $55!
    All these items are now available at these retailers.

    Al & Bob's Sports
    510 68th St SW
    Grand Rapids, MI 49548

    Outdoorsmen Pro Shop
    678 Baldwin
    Jenison, MI 49428
    www.outdoores...  more
  • Doug Haveman
    New planer board lights at the Outdoorsman in the Spring! They are available on line @ www.HTENT.COM
    Batteries (BR345) included and 200 hours of use time and these Lithium batteries are available on line as well. Replacement lights call dooms are available from HT Enterprises!
  • Doug Haveman
    There’s going to be some new lures hitting the local area this year Rattling Wasp! 24 colors and 2 sizes $5.99 available now @
  • Doug Haveman
    Copied from DNR email!

    Do you love walleye? Learn about how we rear them!
    walleye fry swimmingWalleye are one of the most popular sportfish in Michigan, but most people already knew that. What most people don't know is the process the Department of Natural Resources uses to rear walleye and stock them in public waterbodies throughout the state. It's vastly different then our traditional fish rearing methods.

    After the DNR's Pacific salmon program kicked into high gear in the late 60s and early...  more
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    If you were up at Augres this week and you used the new City Fish Cleaning station please send them your thanks. They are looking for feedback and I would rate it as one of the best I’ve used!

    Here is their email address
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    It seams like every time I visit this site I have to sign in. Is there a set number of days before your current sign in expires?
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    Kris Lesley ask me to post this! He was on Erie yesterday and this morning before they got blown off!
    Yesterday the boated over 100 fish with 24 keepers between 16" to 23 " on crawlers with 1 oz weight! They were fishing north of Bolles in 18' to 22' fow! This morning they only boat 3 before it got too rough!
  • Doug Haveman
    If anyone needs a prop repaired my son just had one done and he did a great job at a very reasonable cost! Had it done in 5 days!
    Black Creek Propeller repair.
    291 N. Jones Rd
    Pierson, Mi
    They have a web site to.
  • Doug Haveman
    Good luck to everyone fishing the tournament this weekend! Good numbers of fish are being caught!
  • Doug Haveman
    Kris Lesley was fishing out of Sterling this past weekend! Two man limits both days with many throw backs. He fished past the last buoy from the Raisen River and headed southeast toward Michigan/Ohio border stopping before he got there and running back over his track!