How to log into the website!

How to Access our website!

1.    Website

        a.    Our website is  From email you can click on this link or type this into your computer’s browser.  You may also do a search in any browser for West Michigan Walleye Club and a link should pop up for you to click on.

        b.    In order to get access to the Member’s Only area, you will need to “Join” the website.  You will see the following link in the upper right corner of the webpage:  
                In the upper right corner, it says “Sign up.”  This is where you fill out the information to join the club.  When you click on this link, you will be asked for your Full name, email, your password and then to verify your password.  When you click the “Continue” button, the website will send you an email.  YOU NEED TO VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR EMAIL TO HAVE FULL ACCESS TO THE WEBSITE!
            The next section is very important.  Where it says “Profile Picture,” click in the area that says “Drag or Click here to upload photo.”  If you click in this area, it will bring you to your computer’s directory, where you will select your photo that you want on your “page” of the website.  If you do not have a photo of yourself, (which this is the best option as people will see your picture, and thus recognize you and put a face to a name), you may put any picture up.  This can always be changed at a later date on the website.

            Follow thru after your picture is uploaded with filling out the rest of the information.  At the bottom of the registration page, you will have to click the area that says “I have read and agree to the terms of service,” and check the box that states you are not a robot!  THAT’S IT!

            The webmaster will receive an email notifying them that a registration has been made to the website.  They will then log into the website and “verify” your dues have been paid, mark you as a paid member, and then “approve” your membership to the website.  If you have not paid your dues, your input to the website will be deleted until after you pay your dues and you will have to do the whole process again.

    c.    After you have been approved and are able to access the full website, which includes going to the fishing reports, posting on the website, etc.  DO NOT GIVE YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD OUT TO ANY NONMEMBER!  If you get caught doing this, your member access to the website will be revoked!  And you will not be allowed back on.  Please use the website with responsibility and respect for others.  

    d.    At the top of the page, you will see a box to click to “remember me.”  By checking this box, your user name and password (encrypted) will be shown when you log in and will automatically be logged into the members’ area of the website.

    e.    If you forget your password, click on the link at the top of the page, and your password will be emailed to you or be able to reset your password.

    f.    The newsletters are all posted on the website.  You can download and save them to your computer.  They are listed by years.  These are helpful in looking up specific tournament lakes that were fished.  Jack Pikaart has put together a historical list of all our lakes that have been fished for tournaments, located in the document section.  So If you look up the lakes, you will be able to figure out approximately what newsletter (before or after) the lake information has been printed in.

    g.    In the members area also, there is a link to all members in the club.  In this section, you can personally message a club member if you have a question for them, or you can click on members that you would like to have for personal friends on the website.  There is also a “Contact Page” that lists all of the board members if you have questions for a specific board member.

    h.    If you have any questions for the webmaster, go to the contact page and click on the “webmaster” email and email them.  They will get back to you as soon as they possibly can.



    The best way to contact us is to just come to one of our meetings. However, if you are not able to come, you may contact any of the board members below.

   Our meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. every 4th Tuesday of the month at West Walker Sportsman's Club on Leonard St. N.W. between Wilson Ave. N.W. and 8th Ave. N.W. in Grand Rapids, MI.

   Address of Meetings:
     West Walker Sportsman's Club      (Click for map)
     O-599 Leonard St. N.W.
     Grand Rapids, MI 49534

Current Board Members:

  Tom Pachulski President 616-460-3350
  Larry Pachulski Vice President 616-490-2302
  Gloria Szymanski Treasurer 616-735-3334
  Gloria Szymanski Webmaster 616-450-6233
  Dustyn Taylor Secretary 616-260-9532
  Ed Szymanski Director & Liaison to DNR 616-260-1319
  Paul Antonowitsch Club Education Director 269-760-1697
  Kelly Arnoldink Director 616-836-0108
  Al Dood Director 616-706-0601
  Josh Driesenga Director 616-551-6635
  Bryan Buist Director 616-293-0256
  Al Davis Director/Walleye Ponds 616-350-5332
  Jake Brandt Director 616-402-7694