Tournaments 2020

2020 Tournament Schedule

Please be sure you are familiar with our WMWC Rules & Regulations for Tournaments before fishing. If you plan to join the club, your dues must be paid prior to 9 p.m. the night before a tournament. This saves the handling of money on top of passing out boards for the tournament.

Please Note that unless noted, all tournaments are U.S. Waters Only!


»   April 18 : Tournament -- Detroit River - U.S. & Canada Waters,  Lake Erie (MI only) - Lake Erie Metro Launch
            Results:  Cancelled due to coronavirus  
            Big Fish: 
Results: Detroit River 4/18/2020

»   May 2 : Gun Lake Tournament -(cancelled due to conflict at launch) Yankee Springs, R.A. -$20 donation to raise money for minnows for ponds. No points counted

»   May 16 : Tournament -  (cancelled due to coronavirus) St. Clair River - No boundaries - North Channel
             Big Fish: 
Results: St Clair River 5/16/20

»   June 20: Tournament -- (All Following tournaments are on schedule- see rules on website for social distancing)
                                          Lake Erie - Bolles Harbor (any waters)
                 Results:  T Connor, J McKinnon [19.53]
                 Big Fish:  M Herrick [5.60]

                    View Pictures from tournament
Results:  Lake Erie Results 6/20/20

»   July 11 : Tournament - WMWC Youth Event - Fisherman's Landing Muskegon Lake - please see details on the home page regarding rules and information on the Youth tournament.

Results of Youth tournament:

Photos from tournament


»   July 18 : Tournament -- Saginaw Bay- Au Gres - River Mouth (see rules on website for social distancing)
                 Results:  J Flynn, P Dorgan, M Grab [14.93]
                 Big Fish: J Flynn [4.54]
Results: Results of Au Gres Tournament   - Photos from Tournament

»   August 15 : Hubbard Lake - East Bay Boat Launch

                  Results: B Olcheski, M Matlosz [11.57]
                  Big Fish - M Matlosz [4.77]
Results: Results of Hubbard Lake  - photos from Tournament

»   September 19: Tournament -- Burt / Mullet Lakes (Both open)  - Indian River Boat Launch

                  Results: J McKerchie, P Dorgan, M Grab, J Flynn [11.55]
                  Big Fish - J Pikaart [4.44]

 Results: Burt-Mullet results - final        Photos from Tournament

»   October 17: Tournament -- Hardy Pond - Oxbow Park (Cabela Qualifier)

                  Results: D Nykamp, E VanderWagon [10.01]
                  Big Fish - D Nykamp [3.54]

 Results:  Hardy Results- Final          Photos  

»   November 7  -Tournament -- Muskegon Lake (2 to 10 p.m.) - Fisherman's Landing- Gidding Street Ramp
                  Results: J McVey, D Cross, J Jakubiak [17.85]
                  Big Fish - J McVey  [8.13]

Results:  Muskegon Results- Final    Photos from Tournament




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