The best way to contact us is to just come to one of our meetings. However, if you are not able to come, you may contact any of the board members below.

   Our meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. every 4th Tuesday of the month at West Walker Sportsman's Club on Leonard St. N.W. between Wilson Ave. N.W. and 8th Ave. N.W. in Grand Rapids, MI.

   Address of Meetings:
     West Walker Sportsman's Club      (Click for map)
     O-599 Leonard St. N.W.
     Grand Rapids, MI 49534

Current Board Members:

  Tom Pachulski President 616-460-3350 t.pachulski24@gmail.com
  Larry Pachulski Vice President 616-490-2302 pachulskil@dteenergy.com
  Gloria Szymanski Treasurer 616-735-3334 treswmwc@gmail.com
  Gloria Szymanski Webmaster 616-450-6233 gszyman@charter.net
  Dustyn Taylor Secretary 616-260-9532 detaylor254@gmail.com
  Ed Szymanski Director & Liaison to DNR 616-260-1319 eszyman@charter.net
  Paul Antonowitsch Club Education Director 269-760-1697 pauleye@sbcglobal.net
  Kelly Arnoldink Director 616-836-0108 Kelly@hollandcollision.com
  Al Dood Director 616-706-0601 alandood8@gmail.com
  Josh Driesenga Director 616-551-6635 jdriesenga09@gmail.com
  Bryan Buist Director 616-293-0256 bryanbuist@gmail.com
  Al Davis Director/Walleye Ponds 616-350-5332 walleyehunter7597@gmail.com
  Jake Brandt Director 616-402-7694 jacobbrandt632@gmail.com
  GENERAL QUESTIONS westmichiganwalleyeclub@gmail.com

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